Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 21 - Tues. "Welcome 2 tha Jungle"

  1. DEXO - took some long after its big run early on. had a gut feeling this would push again.
  2. EGHT - the long set up is looking ripe for the picking. 
  3. CROX - on 52's, stalking a short here.
  4. JCOF - great call from .80's dip today in chat, looking for 1 test/push and go.
  5. LNG - supposedly on Cramer tonight, talking about how we shipping natty gas.
  6. AXK - oversold chart, looking for a rebound, add on weakness.
  7. RENN - e/r report gained in ah's, had already started to turn the corner.
  8. CBOU - my stalk of the week here, looking to get short on this tomorrow, for some reason 13.6 is sticking in my mind as an entry, idk, look for a parabolic to short into.
  9. RPTP - nice rounding top, but this one based for forever so be careful, maybe start into only on pops.