Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 22 - Wed. "Everyone's a Chief"

  1. JBL - beat on Q3 e/r, mixed Q4, historical data says go long, but shares struggled to hold on to gains, maybe take some long 18.75ish.
  2. ONTY - crazy drop towards eod, 9.5 stood as ceiling, will be looking to short on any strength.
  3. CBOU - I know it seems like all we do is short, but hoping this one is another short on 13ish fails, but could rip up towards 15 I hear.
  4. GLCH - took some long 2.35, looking for a considerable move now since its above resistance.
  5. PMC - def short biased here. pops over 13.5 towards 14 would be ideal, higher the better obviously.
  6. REDF - big move today, on watch for pulls to get long.
  7. ZAGG - halted towards close about acquisition of ifrogz or somn.
  8. VVTV - looks like it should get up and push 9, possible long here.