Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 25 - Fri. "Another Dollar"

  1. MOBI - took some short 7.5ish, punked me late in the day, thought I was good for a hold over, never take off 30 mins early, geesh. Still holding, looking for gap and crap.
  2. MOTR - if rips, I'll look to short up around say 9.5 fail.
  3. ZAGG - 3 day head and shoulders pattern, 15.3 short.
  4. EGHT - should continue up, just make sure u dont chase, adds sub 4 be nice, but maybe 4 holds.
  5. JCOF - on watch closely lately for panic to long.
  6. ONTY - I should of shorted this today and held over, might look to get short early in pre.
  7. CROX - strong in a weak market, could rip in a strong market.
  8. OINK - low float, but def could run, stay humble, stay low though.
  9. MU - aggressive declination ah's, shorts maybe want to target 7.75 as entry point.