Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 24 - Thurs. "Read After Burning"

  1. ZAGG - crazy move over 15 today, very nice, looking to ride this to test 16, then will short up there.
  2. FCSC - big drop today, tried to flatten out, def on watch to see if it will.
  3. EGHT - been a swing trader for me, average is 3.5, looking to average up on morning weakness.
  4. ONTY - great short, cover'd a lil today, looking to ride it much lower. Wedbush upgraded today, most likely caught off guard on the move down today and want to pop the stock to dump shares, get short when this happens. 
  5. LNG - this pos popped because of a deal with India, no one was buying it, short strength.
  6. MOBI - dead cat bounce, looking to short it again on solid ups.
  7. YRCW - swing long, beaten down stock has been consolidating w/perks and breaking out above resistance.
  8. NYNY - was called to short in chat today for an overnight, couldn't fill any shares though, but watching.
  9. AXK - got a fraud call on it today, watching closely, dont know if I'm buying the fraud call, there is the website that did it.