Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 28 - Tues. "Say Goodbye To Hollywood"

  1. HRZ - hearing a 2 buck target on this runner, gunner, 
  2. LDK - looking to reverse, 7.7 res.
  3. KKD - looking to short the 10 fail, I'm short now at a loss, but watching.
  4. OXGN - look for the red to green move stock is beaten down and looking to gain.
  5. TNAV - 18 key area of interest, might short scalp that, then see what pattern forms.
  6. EGHT - great move over resistance today, looking to inch to 5.
  7. SOLR - looking for gap, parabolic, anything to short this runner.
  8. YRCW - what can I say, its just plain nuts, dont know where it goes from here, hard to buy a stock almost tripled up, but...
  9. LOCM - had news today saying supposedly getting 
  10. ICGN - up big, short the gap or pops, whatever presents itself.