Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 29 - Wed. "Create Your Own Risk"

  1. ONTY - faked me today a few times, ultimately looking to give up 9 and break down.
  2. SOLR - looking for a move over 16.2 to short.
  3. YOKU - took some short in chat at 37.5, held some over, looking for morning weakness below 35 to cover.
  4. KKD - trying to short the 10 fail, just on watch, this thing has been steady.
  5. TNAV - stock spiked down midday, looking for failure of todays high to short.
  6. SPRD - on watch for muddy follow up or citron double team.
  7. TRGL - first move up in a while, might take some short if this continues.
  8. HRZ - looking to add to long on morning panic.
  9. DEXO - got a little love late in the day, maybe it finally gets back to 3 soon.
  10. JVA - on watch for this drop, lately 16's has been key level of interest.