Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 13 - Wed. "CDTI See Me Be Right"

  1. VHC - bot some Aug 29 puts, I'm thinking we see it sell off at least once between now and then, which is where I'll take the gain.
  2. LULU - 2 for 1 split, if your an investor this stock is going to look good to many, kinda like when bidu split a while back.
  3. AEA - nice uptrend going, up from 5.75 area to about 9, this stock should push much higher before it takes its pull, looking to get long soon, let it run then will go short. 
  4. CDTI - talk about a beast move today, I took it short periodically throughout the day, 6.1 ave, very well may squeeze me out though and push higher, looking to cover on a panic sell off early, then possibly long.
  5. SYMX - let it pull first then consider taking some long.
  6. CBOU - the short was the overnight yesterday, flat most of today, possibly tests highs soon. Long bias until then.
  7. RENN - took some long in ah's, 3 day sell off, thinking with some mkt help we should see some relief tomorrow. 
  8. CLNE - crazy move ah's, this stock is ridiculous, see how it opens 16.5 stood as a partial ceiling on low vol. 
  9. ONTY - lil patience would of paid, had shorts from mid 9's, looking for more fade, then flat w/perks. Really would like a panic drop to get long. 
  10. ALAN - might try to set a higher low soon, 1.65 was low, watch to see, if so, might take long.