Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 14 - Thurs. "Dreamers"

  1. ALAN - covered a short I had for a swing, higher low watch, possible long.
  2. AEA - on a steady uptrend, looking for parabolic to short into, but dont think I'm short biased just yet, still plenty of room to run.
  3. TAOM - recent ipo, now in virgin territory, to the upside.
  4. ICGN - bull flag, took a few long 5.8's, nice fill, crossed 6 just gona hold till break out, maybe 7ish.
  5. SPPI - long term chart reaching a top at 10.5x6ish, but stock finished the day strong might carry into tomorrow. 
  6. CEDC - stock has been basing for 5 months, so when it breaks out it will run, gap fill would be up around 20. Midday pop didn't hold and no bounce, so just on watch for now. 
  7. ONTY - after its sell off this the first day of rebound, might continue back to where it sold from.
  8. CLNE - I'm short from 16.9ish, was going to add one more time, but missed my opportunity, stock had a 50c move ah's, but sold it completely off and even dipped back to below where I initially shorted. Maybe over/under 17ish as a top. Not going to add until I feel its ready, will alert chat.
  9. CDTI - ok so I was short from yesterday with a terrible average of 6.1, added a few pre, and cover'd around 6 on the many opportunities it gave, I reshorted a bunch at 6.5 and am still holding for a wash below 6, if/when it comes will cover entirely. 
  10. VHC - IL called this one in chat today to short some shares, I waited a little and got a entry of 38.18, it sold off in ah's, decided to hold this over, might continue to hold for a swing.