Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 22 - Fri. "Manipulationist"

  1. FEED - I built a short position all day in this stock today, ave is 1.78, looking for a sell off tomorrow. Stocks such as YONG, SEED, etc. ran today, everyone thought FEED would run more, but its done, wont make it to 2, so I'm short.
  2. HEAT - possible short soon, I think it rips over 2, maybe 2.5 area is where start, possibly 3. I might scalp the long early, then look to short the parabolic over 2.
  3. IDCC - short biased on pops toward 80.
  4. ONTY - seems like 10 is going to hold, set a higher low intraday, looking for r/g moves or sideways with perks. 
  5. JAMN - nice bounce today, took some from .60-.75 roughly, might have some continuance tomorrow, although this is a dead cat bounce, could try to test 1, but remember to lock ur gains in and dont get comfortable. 
  6. TZOO - big pull on watch for flatness with perks to possibly go long, looking into some of the data for e/r reads kinda badly, but considering calls. 
  7. PLUG - nice good long base on this one, I like that it pulled back from where it broke out, good place to get long, good risk reward here for the long. 
  8. NBG - ripped towards close because I guess Germany and France have agreed upon a second bailout, anyways its on watch. 
  9. TKEFC - was brought to my attention by @bricktop13 from twitter as this is the pink sheet stock for Tepco, the company involved in fukishima nuclear problems. Nice trend. 
  10. HNSN - looking to short on pops above 5, maybe 5.25 ish area. 
  11. SCEI - short on pops at 2.5, set ur alert.
  12. IVAN - so close to being a sick long, wait for it to break some so you know it will run. 
  13. NEWN - short the 4 fail. 
Alot of alerts, I know, but there is an awful lot of things popping off lately, dont want you to miss. Also, there are set ups for every kind of trader in there. 
Slowly, but Surely.