Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 21 - Thurs. "Limitless"

  1. MELA - took some short 2.53, based off of this read they had a meeting with congress today, basically comparing cell phones to medication, just read it, you'll know why I shorted. 
  2. IVAN - took this long on eventual base break out. Sort of an anticipation move, 2ish is break out. 
  3. GMO - broke above resistance at 4.70 so I took some long, eventual target 5 test, and we see if it can run further. 
  4. GASS - was a nice long from 4.27 early on, held the gain, shares overnight, most likely will take it off on any healthy pop. 
  5. SINO - short biased, although no shares with any of my brokers, will be on watch for availability. 
  6. THLD - I dont like how close the overhead is on this, but break out is around 2.25ish. 
  7. TSLA - announced news today of a pact with Toyota, 30 big resistance for them. 
  8. NEWN - short biased on pops, alot of these ones with shares are gone at my go to broker, which is IB so tonights watches are loaded with typically more longs than normal.
  9. GURE - close to being a good short, maybe on the 5 fail. On watch. 
  10. PLUG - should continue to push higher, maybe to gap fill of 4 area. 
  11. TRGL - base break out towards eod, maybe continues into tomorrow.
  12. ZSTN - first day of running, but a potential short soon.