Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 26 - Tues. "Profit Floors"

  1. SAPX - numero uno on my watch tomorrow, just all around sick, of course I'm short biased up here around 5, but have to play it cautious.
  2. RPRX - took some long 6.5ish, if it goes 6.7x6.75 and breaks out it will run, l/f so play it small.
  3. OCZ - got a negative write up from value investors club, might pop back towards 9 and do an over/under 9 as a top, so look to short pops over 9, remember this is a swing though. So do get in thinking your going to day trade it, if it works out like that then fine.
  4. LRAD - could rip, very close to pushing resistance, I took some long 3.2, it pulled on me fast, I may just take it off, the resistance at 3.15x3.25 may be too much.
  5. NEOP - took some short 3.3 when it got close enough to where it began legging down, will def take this off tomorrow on any early weakness although it could and most likely will go sub 3's.
  6. VALV - sideways for a few days now, I like that, could be a long from here, just wait for it to perk some before initiating.
  7. HNSN - been steady building, but I think its put a top in here 5.25, matter of fact a double top the last few days you can see clearly, idk if its strong enough considering the trend, but I am short.
  8. CADC - possible 2.5 mid week, still have my longs from friday from 2.
  9. GENE - big sell off after secondary, but I'm looking for flatness w/perks for possible long. 
  10. ALAN - I'm short o/n (=over night), they are delisting