Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 27 - Wed. "Back to Black"

  1. LLNW - 5 area of interest, this was its first day up, might pull from 5, possibly looking to short on any pops over, but will be quick to reverse and possible take it long, did look strong close. We'll see.
  2. DNKN - ipo tomorrow, KKD sympathy might be an easier stock to play.
  3. AEA - look like it may try to get back up and test highs at 9ish area.
  4. NEP - took a few long around 3.6, had a small gain, but left it on the table, this stock is just beginning to look like a good long, should test 4 soon. 
  5. NEWN - bull flag, possible long. I may take this one longer sooner rather than later, kinda printing like VALV did and we all saw it today, check both charts. NEWN looks better.
  6. REE - as far as rare earths being an issue at big companies, this and MCP would be my picks to play if you like playing rare earths, of course china could come in and say, we will supply everything you need.
  7. RPRX - rest day, could push 6.7 soon. 
  8. PNS - this stock gave back so much I'd be inclinded to possibly long, look for r/g move.
  9. SNOFF - took some short over 8, looking to cover in a wash tomorrow. 
  10. PCYC - stock was as sick short today, got some back, I'd take some short again as as started at 12.7.