Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 29 - Fri. "Debt Delay Race"

MILL - got a fraud call on it today, lost the link, but it was from street sweeper if you want to look it up, if it was fraud might pop back up and catch another call from citron or muddy, who knows, if not, will get back to where it started, possibly continuing higher, just on watch now.
SNOFF - I've shorted this stock, twice, successfully and zest fully clean once for a big profit, then I shorted o/n this morning and it ripped on the back of that dude whose name I've forgotten added to his position, I shoulda known it would of come back, that guy has a terrible average, he just averaging down into a terrible position, throwing good money at bad, oh well, I'm short biased on pops over 8, maybe 8.15ish or higher. Yahoo finance didn't have the chart for SNOFF so I'm using TRE.TO, same difference, just thought I should let you know to clear up confusion.
JVA - stock is stuck in a downtrend and with good reason, this co makes money only off of futures contracts they've bot to protect against price fluctuations in coffee beans. Smart, but puts a weird value on the company, sympathy fade from GMCR, SBUX, etc. at this point I'm shorting pops until the stock is back under 20 where it belongs.
GST - approaching major resistance at 5 and on a parabolic, I will short this one aggressively soon, possible tomorrow if/when it hits at the 5 fail.
NEI - I really liked this one today, but had some notorious pumpers on it, whom dump massive shares as soon as they can sell everyone on the story, and they did cause it a true story, but didn't gap fill for that reason, bitches trading it, now it should be good since they got their little chump change, should gap fill and push higher, imo.