Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 28 - Thurs. "We Outta Here"

NVGN - out of the movers today, I feel this one has the least risk and best chance at this point to run, 1.4 resistance, but keep in mind its up a ton.

FEED - I took this stock short a few days back at 1.85, it presented a slight chance to reshort today at 1.8, I didn't take it so if I get another shot to short 1.85ish then I will take it, I feel it needs a bigger sell of than occured. 

ALTI - this stock is up 4 days in a row now about 100% plus, on the back of a nice email pump, I am trying to call the top a little on it, we gota be close to the dump. Took some short a few times, covered some, reshorted now, my ave is 1.62ish, I'm looking to cover possible crack 1.5's tomorrow. 

LEDS - possible swing long held 5. Def beat chart just looking for signs of hope and prosperity.

SPU - had an alert set to get this one long at 2.76, just on watch now, this debt ceiling needs somebody to raise the roof.