Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 6 - Wed. "Over Extension"

  1. NEP - trend reversal idea here, buy long as close to 3, 3.4 possible break out. 
  2. RENN - took short at 10, looking for it to take a rest and pullback. 
  3. KV.A - still long from 2.8, looking for 3 cross and hold. 
  4. GENE - still moving up, maybe over/under 8 as a top, possible, short 9.75 was high.
  5. CCIH - took this short as well, said on friday that 10.5-11 shouldn't push higher, took it small for now just to be safe, will add at 11 if/when goes, or if cracks will take larger position then. 
  6. JVA - beast mode, 20.5 was high today, this thing on a major run now, had a huge pullback to 18.5, look for pops back up over 20 to short, or if weak early may gear and push 20 again. 
  7. DANG - gearing towards break out, not there yet, but keep on watch. 13 area of interest. 
  8. VHC - maybe try the short over 33. All these stocks starting to get over extended. 
  9. CCIX - from my boy, looking for parabolic and short set up, maybe long till then. we'll see.