Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 7 - Thurs. "Strong Sucker"

  • First of all, I want to say the market has been so strong lately, freakin' crazy. I think today was the first time in months that we actually had an end of day run, nuts. So I'm typically a short seller, right? So my normal style isn't best fitted for this market, but I still feel like we are overextended and in need of a rest, with that being said we could and it feels like we will push much higher and I'm hearing people say we going to see 13k on the dow before we have a rest. I dont know if I feel that strongly, but I'm going to stay bull headed and be short biased on most of these overextentions, but still sticking to my stops very strongly. So lets go:
  1. MOBI - I took some short before the bell, at 10ish, I'm getting hit on it right now cause the stock looks like it will gap, and possibly parabolic early on, I may take my loss and reshort if/when this happens.
  2. VHC - I had a short on this from 36.5, a little early so my stop got filled at 37, should of known better than to play those whole numbers, both on the short and the cover, but lesson learned cause it had a great midday fade and then went right back to 37, strong strong stock here, looking to squeeze again, I'm still short biased.
  3. AFFX - got shot down in ah's tonight on bad e/r results, will be looking to play this one off the lows long or possibly play it short depending on the set up tomorrow, caught minimal support at 6.4ish.
  4. OCZ - on watch from tonight ah's session it popped the stock on the back of good results, sell pressure was heavy over the 9's, looking to short this stock with an initial entry around 9.25, for a scalp.
  5. PMI - was brought to my attention from a friend last night, didn't listen, he called me today to rub it in, so now I'm watching with a long bias. 
  6. BORN - looking short, 7 had trouble pushing.
  7. DCTH - nice call from IL for a watch in chat today, could break out long if stock pushes 5.5 resistance.
  8. JASO - acquiring wafer solar brought the stock down, then once the news was digested popped it up again, 30m shares at 8.825.
  9. MOTR - 7.77 beat chart.
  10. OXGN - keeps legging down, test 2 approaches.