Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 8 - Fri. "2011 Troublesome"

  • We debt ridden, uncompromising and stock market is ripping! Yezzir, America is operating to perfection, baby! So we got the dems and repubs talking this weekend trying to figure this debt mess out without cutting into social security and other things. We most likely done with quantitative easing and back on our own?? Maybe, maybe not, its a toss up so until that day its all settled lets keep day trading and swinging these plays for gains. Ok? Lets go:
  1. EGHT - took some long for a long term valuation play.
  2. ONTY - slowly running out of gas, 8.8 is the point of interest imo, maybe go short in anticipation.
  3. ZAGG - citron and boyd teamed up denouncing this company, keep an eye for weakness or maybe it pulls a SPRD and pushed much higher. 
  4. ALAN - trying to set a higher low, keep a watch on.
  5. VHC - needs a rest 37 is the right shoulder on a head and shoulders pattern, which is bearish. 
  6. KNKT - big mover, lost over nighted, so be looking for a sell off early then a bounce play and go.
  7. MOBI - 11.5 resistance, prolly a little over/under 11 with an eventual crack down.
  8. CALI - huge move today, keep an eye on, defended 2 well.
  9. NEP - 3.5 is resistance, very close to pushing and holding this area.
  10. BORN - took some short around 7.76, pushed up, came down, right now I'm down, but looking for it to break down.
  11. RENN - looking for pullback, took some short few days ago, small position, just sitting on it, added and brought my ave up, still way out the money, but looking for a fade here.