Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 11 - Thurs. "I've Been Up, I've Been Down"

CREE - geared & perked midday when called for a long at 34, quickly ran to 36, called a short and went right back to 34 as market got weaker towards close. Looking for it to gear again and test 36. If opens strong will consider short from 36 as initial play.

IL - what a sucker today, faked everyone out all day, including me multiple times, reminded me of MOBI, chart does lie, obviously 7 is a key level of interest, looking for it to push some point tomorrow, if not might short.

MOTR - was down 50% last night ah's, fell a little more then pop'd off 2 to 2.6, pulled pop'd 2-2.3 and then just faded below 2. Would like to take some long so I'll be looking for higher lows combined with gearing and perking.

SIMO - looking short on this one, maybe closer to 11ish, but looks good small size till them maybe start early just so u dont miss the move down, stock is up 40% roughly in 2-3 days, depending on what happens tomorrow.

AIQ - keeping my eye on this one for a long, 1 held as support today, but didn't have much movement off of the floor, more in chat.