Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 10 - Wed. "Roller Coast"

MAKO - great range today, shorted like 3 times, 1 time too many I guess because the last one was at 27.25 and the stock ripped my face off into close, SPY push was unexpected and caught me off guard, then I got stubborn in the trade and left it on, telling myself I was right when it was clear I was not. 35% in one day seemed like too much for it to gain, but was beaten down, maybe 30 then a pull, idk e/r Wednesday ah's.

CBOU - deceiving chart because, imo if mkt didn't pull like it had then stock would of fetched 20, but dealing with a choppy chart now, just moved over resistance I think this had 18-19 in it if conditions permit.

VHC - finally killed'em on this one, tough day yesterday for me because of this pos, but today banked hard on it and it made up for all the pain, def like it for a cont long, add on pulls towards 18's (ideally), looking for the pull from 20, then for it to gear & perk and eventually push 20 nicely, then I will probably leave it alone for a while. Should gap fill if resistance at 20 goes. 

PMI - been really loving this stock lately, idk why I been smashing it in chat, but where does it go now? Well, if we get a .35 breakout we could see .40-.45 fast possibly test .50 and gap fill would be ideal, the latter is more likely. 

FEED - after its huge drop from 2, then 1.5 down its started to level out here at 1ish, poised imo for break upwards, so will be looking to accumulate on dips towards 1.

MOTR - down big time ah's will be looking to go long if we get some sideways price action and higher lows.  Down from 4.5 to sub 2's, then 2 stood as a floor support and it perked off of it towards 2.25 where it closed night trade.