Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 16 - Tues. "Legitimizationality"

Was nice to see the SPY close strong above 120. As far as the overall market is concerned, I'm not sold on it being strong again. Not in full scalp mode, have held some things over, but my holds are for no more than a day or 2 at most. Been trading by thinking of next move to come and sticking to tight stops, almost too tight need to loosen them up a bit after today, as opposed to trading the trend.

VALV - closed so strong I'm thinking we get a gap and then short at 2.5ish, that is where initial resistance starts.

DNDN - one of the stronger players today, weak open I'll take it long till resistance 13-13.5ish, strong open I'll look to short as close to resistance as possible.

NOK - dead cat bounce, imo, alot of news and hype surrounding intellectual property and MMI buyout today. I think the hype dies down at least next, could re initiate back up, but for now next move on this stock is down, I short sold some towards the end of the day 6.3, looking to cover half at 6 then swing rest to see if 6 cracks and this can gap fill.

AIQ - feel like I missed short entry so I will add on any pops towards 1.7 maybe.

SUNH - upgrade, downgrade war going on right now, keep eyes on this one.