Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 17 - Wed. "Watch Yourself"

SODA - nice range today, bounces were decent and its fall was large. Will be looking to short pops early, but look to find a bottom to long, or play bounces, Watch for the tell tale signs.

VIT - sold off after reporting, hearing from the street that the co is corrupt and fraud ridden, idk if I believe, but I think early shorting the 14 fail, works, possibly test lows of today.

CARB - recent ipo if it keeps on this pace, should push over 19 and break out. keep on watch.

FEED - on perma watch, sideways for awhile now, just watching for perks now. Keep eye on. Look for higher lows, over sold, has yet to bounce, sideways price action, all we need is higher lows.

DELL - probably opens toward lower levels around 14.55, setting the stage for more risk tolerant shorts to watch for possible entry points closer to 14.80 to 14.68, an area that stood as a top in ah's trading.