Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 19 - Fri. "Hire Lo"

BCSI - I am long, I am wrong right now, but I like the set up, forgot I said I was going to average in on lows today, I didn't, but I will tomorrow.

LDK - pre-market open Friday may have potential near the 5.50 to 5.20 area. Two ceiling levels developed Thursday night, between 6.00 and 5.80 and between 5.60 and 5.40, both ranges that shorts may want to eye as possible entry points that could see downside drift back into the lower 5s.

PMI - stock is cheap again, looking for a higher low to possible long. 

oftop of my head some honorable mentions: SUNH, CIS, MILL, EK, DNDN, GENT, PUDA, FTK. 
would of wrote some more of them up, but there is alot to diagnose in there, just keep on watch for normal set ups we look for. more in chat.