Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 18 - Thurs. "Paybackiotomy"

BCSI - I took some long 13.5, it moved up, could of locked, I didn't, stop is below 13, I think I'll add in morning dip and swing this. Panic Washout set up over sold, has yet to bounce, sideways price action, higher lows, so we got the elements of a long, but doesn't always work. Very well could go lower, but its setting itself up for a long. Time will tell.

FEED - I like the consolidation for a long here, started into it today .98's

SIMO - I like the rounding top, add shorts on pops towards 11.5ish.

SUNH - hasn't really had its bounce and push just yet, I think we may pull before it does, but look for a higher low and go.

TZOO - so cheap since last 100 run it made, been a long time, could really wash out and then play the bounce.