Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 23 - Tues. "Fearful Year Full"

PANL - beast mode today considering the mkt we in, from 28 to 35.8, s/s some there, held over, looking to cover into morning panic, I've been a little lazy on my exit alerts, sometimes I feel if its a winner you dont need to know when I'm getting out, leave it up to you to manage your winners, as long as I helped getting you into the gain....

GS - news hit ah's tonight about the CEO seeking a criminal lawyer (same lawyer who defended worldcom and Enron ceo's), no charges have been brought yet, but was enough to bring the stock down further after an already downtrending chart. Possibly early sell off and rebound from 100's. I'd rather play long scalps on this.

ADSK- I think it pulls early then sets up for a long again, I will scalp the pull then try to trend the long. Probably pulls then bounces and tries r/g move.

KKD - has earnings thursday and is a former runner so I am watching throughout the day, the set up is long off of 7.1ish with a stop at 7, I dont know if the stock will sell off into earnings or not, maybe does nothing.
BONT - close to breaking out, idk if it goes just a watch for now. Def a nice trend, all indications are there should be a move over 7 and push. good for at least 50c+