Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 24 - Wed. "Double Bottoms"

AVGO - nice move ah's, Longs may want to watch both areas as potential entry points that could see lift back into the higher 31s, or perhaps make a run at fresh near-term highs toward 32.

FOSL - big move and fast, maybe look to short 92ish where the gap fill is at a few weeks back. Will be watching for tell tale signs that I teach in the Boomwin Lesson. (ie lower highs, etc)

QIHU - lockup expires 9/26/11 for 175m shares at 14.5/per, I know this is a ways away, but I will be watching it for a month to begin shorting.

IPHI - down 25% ah's, from 10.6-7.6, should be in play tomorrow, will try long on panic wash possibly early on, out the gate.

JDSU - put in a double bottom here on solid volume, could continue higher.