Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 30 - Tues. "A Noise In The Distance"

OVTI - I am long biased. Stock is moving sideways while setting higher lows. We just need to shake out all the sellers and eyes so we can run. Usually, in this type of play I look for the stock to be over sold, hasn't had its run yet, sideways price action, combined with higher lows. Now this leads into a solid base, tightening coil or spiral, catalysts include red to green moves, breaks of prior days highs or hod.

RIMM - very nice uptrend today as stock looks to gap fill over 30 to 36, even if it makes it half way to 33 would still be a decent long. I only have my eye on it, possibly long @bricktop13

CEDC - parabolic action today on this from 5.2 - 8.3. I would like for it to get much more over extended start showing some sideways price action, throw in a lower high here and there, any break down should be significant, but timing is everything so watch for the signs.

PANL - has been on a major run from 27.5 to 58 in ah's tonight on positive news for the company. I am short biased as it get into these resistance levels. No correction means one is looming.