Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 31 - Wed. "Establishing Worth"

SQNS - nice long base at $5 for a few weeks. Today, it perked so I'd be inclined to long on any significant pulls coupled with higher lows, a red to green move would be a decent catalyst, which could really send the stock early. Stock is over sold, but only add on decent pulls. 
BEAT - received a Civil Investigative Demand from the U.S. Department of Justice. Longs may want to look within this area (2.6 - 2.75) for prospective upside entry points that could see bumps back toward the lower 3s.

BCSI - was a great long after its sell off when it ran from 12.5-14.92 just today, but its hitting resistance at 15 and I'm looking to play any weakness in the mkt coupled with the resistance hit short.

KKD - tried to push and hold ten back in early july where I called for a short, after its sell off to 7 its rebounded and looking like this time it will eventually push 10. This is a swing trade long, if you take it I would try to add on any dips to or below 9.

JDSU - up on a run from a double bottom sub 10's to just below 14 now, starting to hit resistance so I'll be looking for sideways price action, look for lower highs, and lead it into a fade.

DRYS - came down in ah's trade, keep an eye on it as it very well may be a runner off of lows.

LGF - Icahn is selling his stake so the stock tumbled in late trade.

PVH - stock popped in ah's trading to over 68, I'd be inclined to short off of these levels as sell pressure was consistent, look for the fade.