Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 4 - Thurs. "Payback Tattoo"

CBOU - sick today, scalped the short like 55million times, lucky I guess, no loss on it, long would of been easier I suppose. Stock ran ah's and then hit a wall at 16 and sold off.
SIMG - took some short today off 6.90's and cover' for good gain, reshorted, covered again, then missed my chance to reshort, love these late day fade charts, easy to read. Looking for am pop to short into, will cover on washout if/when. 
DNDN - u can't see on this chart but it came down to 12 bounced and tested 15, had trouble holding so sold off towards 13, where it found buyers, I will take some long on 13's tomorrow, played in ah's for like 35 cent gain, no biggie, lets see if these levels will be sufficient for some day play ok!
SCOK - called out by IL in chat today as a potential watcher, might try to get back up towards 5. I like what IL said, def a play soon, imo.
VHC - sold off ah's, on watch tomorrow, down to 23.5 from 27.5
INVE - took some long, took a loss, it came back, took some long, took a loss, this one had my number today, but what I see is a trend up, lets see if it can test 2.4 rest and push.