Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 5 - Fri. "Buy Bye Fear "

VHC - major wash today, played the bounce for some sick digits, bounced off of 21.5, possible reversal, only looking to watch and see how she reacts, then possibly long pulls on support.
ATSG - nice move early on, late day fade set up, so I shorted, held my short didn't take it off as these swings been good to me, similar to SIMG yest. Will add short on pops. 
DNDN - still searching for a bottom, 12 wanted to hold as support but market sell of was just too much for it, bounced from 11.4, 12 is resistance now. Ultimately want to play this long. 
PMI - I like this one long, some support at .36, faked me on initial first long I did from .39, sold .38, then it goes to .36 and had a nice little move to .42, so I'm long based off of sub .40's, if it can hold .36 again of course. 
SCOR - big drop and pop to 15, then late day fade from there to test lows. 12.5 and 13 trying to find support, set new lows though so I say lower. 
JBII - freaking sick towards close, up close to 40% and fast and steady, on watch now for continuance.
PCS - bounced off of sub 9's, looks like lower, but keep an eye on it.