Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 9 - Tues. "Long the Panic"

VHC - boy what a tough one today, hindsight I'd of loved to take this short and sit back, but no I wanted to long it, currently sitting on a long ave of 17.2, stock has gone from 40-15 in 12 days, with the rest of the market. Panic Washout Set up here, Over sold, has yet to bounce, no sideways price action or higher lows, which is what I'll be looking for to add into, or hopefully we just get a great bounce.
PMI - my favorite stock lately, has been extremely good to me, .22 lows, .30 resistance, until we get some more perks and a stronger mkt, looking to snag lows and sell at resistance, hopefully I'm in this when it takes off.
 VXX - been a great trader lately, this is the stock to take long when you think the mkt is going to fall off of a cliff like it has been doing, Its a parabolic break out so I've been scalping the short o/n combined with time decay, helps it cause.