Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sep 1 - Fri. "Heavy"

SAI - Stock feels a bit over sold and hasn't really had its run yet. We have sideways price action sort of, would like more with higher lows and some gearing to go long. I am long biased.

CIEN - stock is strong, ran early, but was flat most of the day with some strength towards the end, looks like now it could run even further, but is hitting resistance at 15-18 area. I'm short biased, but I think it runs more.

LQDT - I think this 1 year chart shows how crazy this move on LQDT is, stock is hitting all time highs and fast. For me, personally its hard not to be short biased because of how quick the gains were made in this run as of late. So we go through The Boomwin Strategy check list and it touches upon each of the 5 indicators that we look for in a short bias, just let them show themselves intraday and boomwin.

NFLX - A pre-market open Friday may have legs near 215 to 210. A tentative ceiling level developed in night trade off the 217 mark down to 215, an area more risk tolerant shorts may want to eye for possible downside drift back into the 212 to 210 area. We'd be cautious on the short side and would look for quick exits if NFLX starts to turn higher Friday. There was firm buying seen off Thursday night's low of 203.52 up to 211, an indication a strong floor awaits traders down at these levels (which could see bounces back through the 215 to 217 area).

FNSR - The stock's tendency to add to evening upside moves, combined with some solid buy support recorded in the after-hours, would have us looking at a long play in the shares on Friday. Early longs may want to target potential entry points near 19.75 to 20.25, a range where a potential base support could develop early Friday and perhaps see lift back into the mid- to higher-20s.