Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sep 1 - Thurs. "Relearn Old Lessons"

CGNX - nice drop here, down from 36.4 to 32 in one day! Would love to see more of a washout so we can watch to play the bounce, stock needs to get as over sold as possible so our profit the reverse way will be larger, look for sideways price action, higher lows and this to lead into g&p, tighten up the coil/spiral, etc. Then we go long and bank

PMI - .30 is struggling to push, so if you can snag up .28 short and stop out above .30, I'd say .31 then imo this will eventually break down, this rounding top here is similar to the one we saw a week or so back. Keep close eye on it, worth a short.

SAI - Shorts may want to move to the sidelines through the early-going Thursday and watch for a possible top forming in the low- to mid-14s.

HRZ - in a downtrend channel, but we are getting into bounce territory, it did off of .50 today, if we can get a wash below should bounce hard, on watch .

STMP - stock is up from 11 to just under 20 in a few short months, looking for parabolic action and sideways price action, with lower highs to short into.

T - big news hitting today, US is filing "Anti-Trust Complaint" against the company, comes down to the issue on whether or not you think the tmobile deal will go through or not, do some due diligence, place ur bets. I am long biased on panic drops.

JDSU - great trader lately, short biased on pops. 13.3 stood as resistance after stock fell early on.

JVA - coffee has had a nice run lately, after selling off today, it looked as if JVA wanted to run off of 18.3 level, it pop'd for a few scalps but nothing of real significance, but I will be looking for it to hold support around the 18 level for a possible long.

FOSL, RIMM, VHC, PANL, MWW all on watch for tomorrow as well.