Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sep 22 - Thurs. "Karma"

OPTR - nice parabolic that just got smacked back with selling, peeps starting to give up on this, so you gota know its time is approaching, short bias, 17 should stand as resistance, short any pops over, let it work out, stock has a tendency to shake weak hands.

NFLX - on everyone's mind at this point, long bias, 125 big support, many say lower, I disagree, looking for the signs to take long, possible long dips, etc. Timing is everything. Trend early, then reverse eod if continued selloff.

HGSI - maybe this is a "buy the dip" kinda stock, above 15 could see 17.5 fast, look for r/g moves as a catalyst, good trader so if runs then let it run, but look short later (scalp only), long is the play, imo.

JRCC - stock is over sold and I like the fact that its cheap, coal as well, might help its case if/when it bounces should be decent look for morning drops and that all inclusive higher low we so much covet to go long.

RHT - nice move ah's, keep an eye on it tomorrow should be in play.

WLT - crazy stock, all over the place, I suspect this sideways action will get some news story to pop it 5 points or more.