Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sep 23 - Fri. "Controlled"

OPTR - been on the top of my short list, I'm not going to take it off just because its continued to amaze and come back each time, 17 is having more problems than any other level, would love for this stock to amaze one more time and push so I can short into that, ideally.

MNTA - hasn't really had its bounce yet so its still on radar for that run, and will be until we get it, 11 good support look for a slight dip and maybe r/g as a catalyst for long.

NFLX - has yet to really run for us, but we are watching closely for some decent signs, has turned in a long scalper for sure, but we'd love to be in this long when she does go. Look for the test of resistance, gearing, etc. Stay small until sure.

After hours plays:
  1. NKE - good earnings sent the stock higher, should be in play tomorrow, short bias on any real solid moves. 
  2. CAVM - big drop ah's from earnings, on radar, no bias yet.
YOKU - I like the way this one traded today along with MCP, which was the stronger one, but YOKU I like the price better so I'm sticking with watching it with a long bias. Has set a low and a higher low, just be sure the higher low holds, if not you know your stop.

HGSI - I like for this to kick up again and test highs possibly fill the gap towards 15x16 maybe, trend is nice although it is wide and wild, small again here.