Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sep 27 - Tues. "Awe Struck"

ZN - was on a mission today, this is a former momentum runner, so many have fond thoughts of this making money for them, tend to be easier to get them back into it, so this piles on and stock rockets. I'm short biased as its parabolic'd and getting into resistance, 2.5x3.25 essentially, 3 fail would be ideal.

YOKU - Short biased, but could very well rip much higher say 20 level and extend beyond before it come down, stock was beaten down before it made this run so its hard to tell, unless you know what to look for, which I teach in the Boomwin Lesson, so look for those indicators and you'll be fine.

ACOM - short idea here, looking to gap fill at 26.5, resistance at 27-29, on a decent run from 20's so yeah we are looking for a pull back towards the 25 level, depending on the market we could see lower.

AMSC - company is super wack and has no clientele, but chart doesn't lie, there is a buyer off this double bottom, possible reversal, idk how long will hold but looking to test 5's. Could even say this second low is higher than the previous.