Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sep 28 - Wed. "boomerang"

STEC - that 10.6 level is key, long bias if that level gets pushed could see 1 or 2 point push, I would build a long off of dips, depending on mkt though, if strong go long, if not, just watch.

JVA - controlled sell off last few weeks, would love to see a washout, panic drop and then bounce it, till then just on watch.

RMBS - ideally want it to push more before I get short biased, but stock is on a move we just need a para b4 I think short, on watch though with short bias.

 MCP & YOKU still on watch, but they need to make a move one significant way or the other b4 I look to play, short the strength though.

JBL - had a nice move ah's off e/r. on watch tomorrow.