Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sept 16 - Fri. "Cali Rally"

Yo, again still on vacation. Thought I would leave this alone, but man just can't. Don't give me any downtime cause I wind up right back at it, lol. Oh well, she understands the fans need me, haha, anywayz...

SQNS - banked today from yesterdays short, boy was I scared too. Dang thing had rocket fuel attached to it. Still holding this short for the 6 crack, I dont think it holds 6, I would bet it holds 5, but wouldn't be thinking long until then.

NFLX - Crazy, got bashed tonight by Cramer I heard, but truth be told this is a good long scalp at these levels, nice sideways price action with some higher lows, should be good for some trades.

NEP - this was a fraud stock, peeps remember at 9 it got halted for a long time, been thinking long, but it just never really came to life. I personally think there are alot of bagholders in this stock just waiting to get out, so I'd be short biased.


Also, I dont know how some of you can survive in this game without Investors Underground I been a member for about 2 years. Just last year @investorslive asked me if I would be an elevated member, which includes posting in bold so alerts are more easily seen from the chatroom.

cause it is a chatroom where anyone can post, but reason why I'm saying this is cause this is like the first vacation I've been able to take because I've had the money to do it.

Yo, I'm a daytrader, this is real, I learned everything I needed to know from IL and from being in the chatroom, its crazy cause tonight scans, stock scans IL does everynight, are on point - just real sick.

I'm out here in Cali, just thought I'd show some love to my home and


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