Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sept - 19. Mon "West Side"

 Last day out here in West Hollywood, will be back and boomwin should be back to its old self for Tuesday with charts. Been a good trip but ready to get back making money. Here some ones I'm looking at.
  • NFLX - still looking for this stock to head sideways and eventually be a solid long, playing scalps until we get those tell-tale signs we look for to go long, ie boomwin strategy lesson if you dont know. 
  • XTXI - 15.3is short territory, just look for some sideways price action and some breaking of key support as its reaching a top it established a few months back. 
  • SNDK - short those pops, if fails take the loss and retry. 
  • CGA - short biased on this 6.25 resistance, keep an eye on it when/if it hits this area. 
  • DMND - nice getting faster up here, def short biased. 
  • YRCW - on radar because of the massive selloff and 2b share dilution.
  • RIMM - big sell off, haven't looked, assume earnings related, look for some signs to go long, you know what they are.