Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 1 - Tues. "End Game"

CRUS - hit dub top as was expected in last nights scan and pulled back, I like the continued fade from this point, short on pops towards 17 - 17.5 area.

REDF - up on news from groupon and their partnership, stock could very well push to 52's from here, this is a momo stock and peeps love to buy these dips.

SOHU - Long bias, after earnings that fell because they missed by a penny, the stock sold off and flat-lined at or around 60, looking for support tomorrow, might be in the higher 50's.

CPSI - Goldman came out and said this is a buying opportunity. I'm watching it now, has sold off and flat lined, looking for perks to take long.

VHC - got a ridiculous price target of $50 today by Hallum, on watch, long on weak open, short on parabolics. I like the stock long from here though more so than short.

Earnings Plays:
LEAP - Q3 loss narrowed while its revenue matched Street expectations, longs may want to target possible entry points closer to 7.40 to 7.50, an area that could set up as a floor support through the early going on Tuesday and perhaps see some lift back toward 7.60 to 7.70. Much more upside imo, wouldn't look to short until 9 or 10 area.
BGC - missing Q3 expectations and setting its Q4 revenue guidance below the Street view. looking to play the downside may want to target potential entry points near 25 to 24, a wide range - but an area that stood as a firm ceiling through the bulk of Monday's after-hours action. Look for the stock to wash and try for either a higher low or a dub bottom to take long off of washes and g&p.