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Dallas, Texas


Nov 2 - Wed. "This is Sparta"

Peeps always asking me to share more and more of my stock notes and whatnot so I figured I'd take a pic of my notes and post it, barely legible, but I will try to write better tomorrow. Here ya go.

DRIV - I'm still long on this stock, getting killed right now, but I am trying to have faith and be patient, got sold off on my CROX, APKT (just to name a few) positions and both have ripped since, CIS is another one. My DAS charts are down so these are from freestockcharts.

QIHU - citron came out negative, they have been awful lately, imo. thier timing is off, their reports aren't hitting hard the first day, which will make more peeps unbelievers than not, either way this stock on watch cause bashing them.

STX - I'm back on trying to short this thing 16.5 area seems to act as a good top for now with fades back lower, although this thing as held so well, don't marry your position if it doesn't work out, take it off.

BRLI - street sweeper out negative in case you missed it. keep on watch for play. no chart

SPPI - this short worked out well today, keep it on short watch for pops up to the 11.5 area or lower.

JDSU - topping Q1 estimates and setting its Q2 revenue view below expectations (although citing the Thailand flooding for the reduced outlook). longs may want to sit closer to the 12 to 12.10 area in anticipation of JDSU perhaps opening the day at these levels and making an early move into the lower- to mid-12s. I'm short biased on this stock though, would like for it to get as far over that 12.5ish area as possible to short a failed 13.5

ATML - posting Q3 revenue shy of expectations, shorts may want to target possible entry points between 10 and 9.60, an area that settled as a firm ceiling through much of Tuesday's after-hours trade. Of course first play should be the short, then I think we possibly see it try to flatline and reverse at or around 8.5 area, give or take a point. (its important to note that the decline has been huge

OPEN - I am long term bullish on this stock, but its more of an investment other than a trade, with that being said the, "meeting Q3 earnings estimates and missing on revenue." shorts may want to sit tighter to the 37.75 to 36.75 range, a top that formed late in the evening and where the stock could start the day on Wednesday and perhaps seek out fresh near-term lows ( this short trade only for a trade), I like the early reversal.

this chart shows ah's

that 36 mark had a bounce and any washout I think will get some bargain hunters, keep your eyes peeled on this one tomorrow. Greece referendum isn't for another 2 months, but I'm sure their will be rumors flying around whip sawing the mkt.
Tread lightly.