Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 14 - Fri. "Slaughterhouse"

LIZ - short bias, on strong pops over 7, 7.3ish was double top area. Keep a watch on it, the deal is this JCP might buyout, but they have a 6mo deadline, so all the earlies "hope" it happens sooner rather than later or that it even happens.

TQNT - hitting the bottom of this gap fill 8.25 or so, I have a short bias if it starts to form a top at this spot, markets been taking everything up so possible gap fill if pushes, but wont play that long.

SINA - yeah I know, painful stock to short today, but I can't take it off just cause I been wrong a few times on the short, probably should of let it get some "sideways price action" before I went in for the short kill, chinese news today...idk what the it was, but was enough to murder shorties, myself included.

off top: idk if banks should count their blessings yet, but I'm eying long on JPM.

PCX - might be smooth sailing until resistance line. Probably accumulate on dips, see if I can catch an uptrend.