Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 12 - Wed. "Indecisive"

AKAM - still #1 on my short list, I think it breaks down this 23 spot, so I want to test the short above here, if/when it does break 23, possible swing.

YNDX - careful this is a low float, but I got a short bias around 25 pops, possible 26 fails.

VRTX - great washout and even sicker bounce today, on watch for any washouts to get long on, may have put in its bottom considering the bounce back to where it came from.

POT - looking short if it hits the resistance line 49.5 area.

AA - I think this dip gona get bot up, but both sides could be played. "On the short side, sellers were most aggressive Tuesday night at 10.18 down to the high- to mid-9.90s, an area where a potential near-term ceiling level could form. On the long side, buyers found steady support off the low of 9.68 up to 9.82, a bottom that could see lift back into the 9.90s or up near 10."

PANL - no bias here, stock had a great range today, so looking to take advantage of that. ie I will short the paras long the washes.

JOEZ - down -26% as they missed with Q3 results.