Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 20 - Thurs. "Patience Little Ones"

NUAN - looking long term this stock has some very nice upside without too much of a pull back and rest since August, but I'm looking a little more short term at a double top at 24, short biased on 24 fails, and looking to cover near term 23.5, possibly lower (good for a trade).

AEM - on long watch, BAC defended them today, didn't help much, but stock did try to reverse, only on watch for a potential long, stock is extremely beat, long the washes.

 WDC - prime bounce candidate.

CREE - was downgraded today, but I think this is temporary, I think bigs are loading up long.

TKLC - stock held well today, so I dont know about the short yet, very well could push through this resistance here, on watch though, no bias yet, well slightly short.

DPZ - it cracks me up when peeps are afraid to short something like this because they had good earnings or they are in virgin territory, but imo these are the best to stalk because once they start to pull they give u 10 pts. Idea here is to watch, your looking at 100% gain from august hold at 16 if/when it hits 32, some longs that have been holding gona start taking profits, also u got peeps like me that short sell these charts and cause a snowball effect and others short, self fullfilling prophecy, boom stock drops.

HGSI - awesesome run today, looking to short moves to 15 fails.