Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 21 - Fri. "Stay Nimble"

KOS - 15.5 stood as a temp top, looking for it to fail a few times and take some short, possible 16 test before it tops out though, trade accordingly, should have decent pull when it does, its a low float so only play smaller than normal, dont want to get squeezed by low float and burnt.

SNDK - had e/r tonight, on watch for it to top out around 47 ish, it does have some resistance there, this is more of a late fade so you look for the indicators, possibly more size than normal, short biased.

AEM - I'm looking to run this one up long for a point or so, keep on watch, I don't like how choppy its been so I will prolly just periodically check on this one tomorrow, only if it sets up will I long, no other play.

CREE - its trying to put in a double bottom...long bias (possible swing trade)

DPZ - keeping this on short watch, had a decent pull today from our 31ish shorts overnight, only interested if it tops out again on a para or dub top.

CRUS - one of the better long set ups here, 14 obv has some sideways price action, inclined to just take long and stop out if it doesn't hold todays low.s

GMCR - long bias on dips or washouts, not looking to deeply into this set up because it has news behind it, but take advantage of the strong moves it has, one way or the other. Long bias.

SYNA - res at 30area, e/r beat, 100m buy back, very bullish signals flashing, long first sub 29's and look to switch trends if 30 and over extends.

STX - 12.5 area consider long initially, also keep eye on SPY run in consol. then move towards 14 area, I'd be more biased to short this heavier than long, fwiw.

HITT - low float washout, looking long, no bias though, possible no play, if pops will run hard.