Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 26 - Wed. "Core Strat Bro"

MF - keeping this on watch because of the washout. I'm long biased, but I will wait for sideways price action before any action.

X - on long watch, after sell off we will look for indication of support and we will survive!

PNRA - better-than-expected results and guidance, Weak open might want to scalp the long play, but I think we have significant sellers at 130 level, possibly taking shorts as early as 127, where the gap fill has occurred on the chart. I would be looking to short size at 130, longs off that weak open should target 125 as support and any flash below could take small size long.

BRCM - beating Q3 estimates but also setting its Q4 revenue view below expectations. stock saw some significant drops to 33, but I like this one for a potential reversal mid day. Shorts might want to target 34.5+ for entry to see stock drop to 33 test, which I like for any type of wash and possible long idea from there.

FFIV - reporting better-than-expected Q4 results, setting in-line guidance, and adding to its stock buyback program, longs may want to start the day closer to 94 to 95 in anticipation of the shares kicking off at these levels and perhaps firming back toward 96 or above.  I'd be thinking long initially for a run towards that 100 mark, if stock gaps up too much, might be a decent scalp short out the gate, then take long. 

VRUS - short biased, because of this article that I wrote currently having seeking alpha determine if it can get published, yea buddy!