Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 4 - Tues. "Purpose"

VHC - big drop and rebound from 11, to to test 13.5, where it pulled from, depending on the mkt either snag looking for the break of 13.5 or short that area and ride it back down, I normally would be long biased, but say la vie.

FMCN - just continuing to set new lows, yeah I'm long biased, but only for a watch, until we get some support off of one of these levels, maybe 15. Needs some sideways price action, a decent market and we good.

BIDU - had a great range in it today, thus we watch for it to either drop below 100 and be a great short or catch some support and be a good long, look for the signs, correlates with SPY so that is key here, lets go.

POT - made some decent gain on this stock today, looking long on it, maybe 40 gets some real good love and we can make some real money.

SLV - stock couldn't get over 30 and hold, but did maintain most of its gap up, 29 stood as good support, considering long if weak open off that level or if strong open over 30, short the fade towards 29 and reverse.

BAC - back to having a possible bounce play in there, stock is getting ridiculously cheap, as is GS, MS, etc. BAC being hit hardest, 5 should prove as big support.