Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sep 30 - Fri. "Last Day"

  • Last day of the month, despite all the market turmoil and whatnot, this was probably one of my best months ever, I think the only loss I took was $400 on SINA today, and that dang thing shoulda pop'd, oh well, rules, follow them, you stick to your stop, 400 shares, gave myself a buck stop and boom -$400, stock ended up dropping from my 74.5ish average to 68, so 400 was looking good at that point. Either way you live to fight another day.
SINA - hearing dept of justice is investigating into these chinese companies, although, the ones like BIDU, SOHU & SINA "most likely" dont have any shady issues. Looking for these to a) wash and rebound or b) rip and short. More biased towards wash on open, and rebound. Same goes for SOHU & BIDU (if your unsure about an alert or dont feel like playing, sit out or play smaller) you dont have to take these trades and please stick to your stops, cut your losses and try again if it sets up its $Simple, $Study, lol.

FMCN - Bloody redrum murder chart here, this one of the set ups I look for though, tell tale signs = look for them. I've been playing these like this...small size, test the waters, if it looks/feels good I'll hit it with size, but I also been letting my 200-500 shares just ride if it gets a buck or so, just lock that in, smaller gains, but also not dealing with the headache of massive loss. I swear I been seeing peeps get smashed in this market, used to buying the dip, then boom a day like today hits you and the bottom just continually drops out of the trade and by the time it actually doesn't your so beat up, you end up missing the real move. Keep the faith.

CIS - held well today at 3, looking for it to perk off these levels, I'm long from 3, kept soaking shares up, nice close, maybe gaps, if too much I'll take the gap and look to add into on any sort of pulls I think we could see this set up for 3.5, possibly, either way, I think 3 a good level to build off of.

 AMSC - dog of a stock, what are you building a kennel? lol, j/k we running this one in chat, very nice call from a new member "killyourtv" off that 4 level, then we shorted up here, which is where my bias is at 5 fail, short bias. Could possibly double top, 4.5ish, we'll see, I think the only thing gona bring this stock back from the dead is "real news" cause their #1 client is not buying from them, and they got nothing. I'm not a news player though, so I'm shorting this para, if lower highs and what not roll in.

 AMD - on watch from big gap down and sell off, started perking with everything towards the end of day, look for it set up, possible long bias. Justa watch at this point.