Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 6 - Thurs. "Rollin"

OCR - the lines indicate levels of resistance that the stock is getting into, eying the short if/when the top forms within these levels.

TSPT - letting this one breath a little before I take any position, but I am looking for a short play.

OVTI - 17 key area of interest. Looking for it to possibly establish an over/under top either at 17 or a little above, eying the short from this area.

REGN -  thinking it has more upside over 60, look for gearing & perking, possible red/green move or just the 60 cross (maybe its 2nd or 3rd time).

STEC - still just been a watcher with this stock as it has yet to push that 10.5 spot, it hit 10.6 and didn't hold, if it can work these algo's out or whatever is keeping it down, then we should get at least 1-2pts.

MCP - nice base and decent run today, rounding bottom, approaching 35. I think a move over 33's could pose a threat to that 35 level.

SLV - eying 30 cross for a potential breakout.