Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 7 - Fri. "Railway"

FMCN - any parabolic into these levels I will by eying short.

LO - been on such a sick run and held most of its gains, is breaking out of its resistance and looking to push higher, no bias yet, first day I'm going to be watching, more in chat.

REGN - 65x66ish target for overextended, possible short if hits these levels, on watch for top in that area.

OCR - 24.5 to 25.3 is start of some resistance, morning pop, possible short scalp, look for signs on holding that though, ie double top, etc.

VIT - I think has more room to run, possibly 9 to 10 magnet, on watch for a long on any early weakness, and possible r/g catalyst.