Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 15 - Tues. "Take Whats Given"

TIBX - I like the 30 cross for a long if a weak open. If strong open then I think 31 area where previous high is should bring another fade like it did today that I'll be eying short.

MCP - I tried to play this long today, but choppy market didn't' bode well for longs today, at least with this stock. I still like the long idea, but thinking that the 30 level could be where it tries to bounce from. Possible short first then long if it get into these levels and looks like g&p.

ATPG - eying the long for a 6 cross for a long and test of 6.5 for initial lock. Possibly higher. I'll be calling audibles on it tomorrow.

URBN - Early shorts may want to target potential entry points Tuesday between 26.25 and 25.75, an area that set up as a steady ceiling level through much of Monday's evening play. Company missed Q3 revenue expectations. I'd stick with the short play on this one. No long.

MITK - stock has been all over the place the last few days, I'd say lower. Eying pops for short play. Company missed with eps and met with revenue. Stock most likely gives up that 8 level at some point tomorrow.